Expert witness

When you need an expert witness, it pays to work with an expert

We support lawyers throughout East Anglia with experienced experts to analyse the financial aspects of a case and give evidence where required. Our experts are available either to support claimants in establishing a claim, or to help a defendant minimise the financial impact of a claim against them. We can also provide a Single Joint Expert to give impartial advice on all areas of a case.

We particularly specialise in commercial disputes, loss-of-profits cases and share valuations. We can help with divorce claims, for example where a business needs to be valued or an inventive solution is needed to fund a settlement. We support police forces with advice on fraud cases, where financial records need to be analysed in order to determine the finer details of a case.

Our expert witness team offer over 40 years’ combined experience in expert witness work, and have handled hundreds of cases, both civil and criminal. We are fully conversant with the Civil and Criminal Procedure Rules controlling the use and conduct of expert witnesses. The head of our expert witness team, Jon Woolston, is a founder member of the Expert Witness Institute.

As accountants with experience across all areas of business, we can draw on a genuine insight into the wider issues around commercial disputes, adding depth and credibility to our testimony.

To learn more about our expert witness service, please contact Jon Woolston on 0845 450 2462 or e-mail him on