Energy, natural resources and sustainability

Let us give your business a little more power

Energy is a vital sector for the East of England. The region's energy base turns over approximately £13bn a year, and its rapidly growing supply chain includes over 6,000 companies employing 105,000 people. Key energy sources include natural gas, nuclear, wave, wind, solar and biomass.

Many regional firms supplying in to the energy sector are enjoying rapid growth. But long-term energy projects often require finance, which can be hard to find. And that's where we come in.

Our experienced energy experts can help you identify and tap into new sources of finance in the region, throughout the UK and overseas. As well as introducing you to private investors, we can help you find grants and contracts that can help you grow. And we can guide you through the process of obtaining and investing the funds too.

But that's not the whole story. Energy-intensive industries have long warned that they are near "crisis point" because of green taxes and rising costs, making British industry uncompetitive. Carbon pricing, and the carbon price floor, remain an important part of government energy policy in this area. These send billions of pounds of investment in to low-carbon electricity generation, causing controversy in some quarters but also providing substantial financial incentives in certain circumstances.

So energy, natural resources and sustainability are related themes representing both an opportunity as well as a threat for all businesses, large and small. And with a changing regulatory landscape this is an area to be revisited, at least as often as you revisit your budgets, alongside your professional advisor.

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